Local SEO is critical for any local business.

If someone typed in keywords related to your business in google right now, would your company come up on page 1? What about page 2, 3, or 4? Not at all?

That is where keyword research come into play; to find out what keywords your potential clients are using to try to find you and where you stand in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). We also do competition keyword analysis to see what your competitors are ranking for. We can use these keywords to rank YOUR business for the same thing. These also happen to be free services we offer; simply click here to get a copy of our Free Online Analysis on your website sent right to your inbox.

One of the biggest factors of coming up in the Google Local Pack is online directory citations. We put your business in up to 90 online directories (among other things like social signals and geo-tagged videos and images) which gives Google all the juice it needs to get your business ranking in the Local 7 Pack.

Google Local 7 Pack

Let’s say you were a Dentist in the baltimore area. Let’s see how many people are doing google searches for the keywords “dentist baltimore” using Google’s own Keyword planner tool.

Keyword Research

There are around 1400 variations of “baltimore dentist” being searched for every single month on Google alone (results from the 2nd page of results aren’t shown above). You can see search variations like dentist in baltimore, baltimore dentist, best dentist in baltimore and the list goes on. Just by setting up a Local SEO campaign based around the terms “baltimore dentist” could potentially get you 1400 views to your website in one months time. If even 20% of those people called you and only 50% of those who called actually became patients, you would likely have more business than you could handle just from optimizing your google keyword searches.

We offer both Local and Normal SEO packages to get you seen on google and bing searches. We serve CT and all other parts of the US, Canada and all over the world. Unlike many of our competitors, we use strictly white hat techniques and offer measurable results with detailed reports showing all of the work we do for you.

JCWeb Local Is Built on the
4 Critical Components of Local SEO

The utmost crucial part of every Local SEO campaign is developing consistency. This is why every one of JCWeb Locals campaigns begin with a full audit.

Local directory citations are the heart and soul of local. We ensure that you are in the BEST directories for your business or niche.

Anybody can do regular old directory submissions, but to make sure they count we beef them up with geo-tagged images and videos, plus citations and links from rich media sources.

Social media is becoming more and more important each year. We ensure you’re ahead of the game by obtaining you awesome social media citations.

If you are a local brick and mortar business, we HIGHLY recommend you purchase one of our local SEO packages. Take a second and do a google search for some common keywords someone might use to try and find your business. Do you come up at all in the local results? If you do come up, are you on the top or at the bottom of the list?

Many of our clients have achieved #1 Local rankings for their top keywords in competitive niches in as little as only 1-2 months. The best part is, it’s not even as expensive as you probably think. We have SEO packages that fit every budget and having some SEO is always better than having none. (As long as it’s done using White Hat methods which are the only methods that we use.)

The bottom line is clients that purchase Local and Normal SEO packages from us are dominating the search results.

If you are interested in getting your business to the top of the search engines in Local and Organic searches, contact us today and we will set up a customized plan of action created specifically for your business and business location.

Yes, We can do International orders!

We can do ANY country. If your business is on this planet we can help!


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