Top 5 Reasons your business needs a Social Media Presence

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the use of social media platforms to grow a companies follower base by interacting with the businesses fans. To be successful you must generate content that is relevant and your pages must be frequently updated. The first thing many people do is look to social media to connect with their favorite companies.

  • Increase visibility of your company or service
  • Build a loyal follower base
  • Helps you get ranked on Search Engines
  • Keeps your customers up to date on new products and events
  • Great way to attract new business by offering coupons or discounts

Some popular social media sites we use:



Besides these main 5 we also use less known social media sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. Tumblr does not use nofollow links which means links from tumblr contribute to your position on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages.) We create a custom social media presence depending on what type of business you are and how much time you have to manage your social accounts (or if you want to pay us to do it.)

The fact is creating a social media account for your business on any of the major platforms is free. These are free services available to anyone that wants to get their business out there on the web. Social signals have also been found recently to be a contributing factor in your search engine rankings so the more active social accounts you have the better. In short, you would be crazy not to use these free services.

We offer social media marketing in most of our Business Website packages. We sit down in person or talk over the phone and you tell us about your business. Then we discuss just how involved you wish to be in the social media scene (the more social media sites you are involved with the better your company awareness will be.) Of course there are over 100 social media platforms out there so we will only invest our time into the ones that are the most commonly used and proven to be wonderful assets to companies across the world.

After we consult with you we will have a better idea of which of these social media platforms would be best suited for your business. Our ultimate goal is to broaden your customer base and solidify your brand on the digital market. Click the button below to get a free consultation.

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